Saturday, November 27, 2010

spotlight: verb; focus attention on

I recently found one of the coolest and most original art & fashion blogs - Fifi Lapin. In it there are sketches of bunnies dressed in the latest runway looks! After coming across this blog, I couldn't resist checking out all (yes it took me a few days, but I did it!) their archives to find the bunnies I loved the most. 

Here are some of my favourite ones!

If you like these, check out the Fifi Lapin blog!

Monday, November 8, 2010

outfit: noun; set of clothes or equipment

Very exciting, this is my first official outfit post. My "beginning" blog post was originally going to be an outfit post, but because of Emma, my dog, the photos became about her and not about my clothes! I plan to do a lot of outfit and outfit remix posts in the future. Since this is my first blog I am still getting used to posting and making time to take pictures each day, not to mention formatting each post.

Here is an outfit I wore last week to walk my dogs, pick up some dry-cleaning, and go out to lunch with my brother. Very casual and comfortable, but I think the glasses and red lips make it really fun. My mom HATES these glasses, by the way. She isn't much for vintage, or thrift... but luckily she is an art teacher and can still appreciate things that are a little 'out there' for prints and colours.
I apologize for the blurriness, once again my dogs are causing some difficulties in my photos!

dress: value village, shoes: joe fresh, scarf: garage, earrings: H&M, glasses: gift

Sunday, October 24, 2010

purchase: noun; possession obtained with money

I was recently invited to an "exclusive sneak peek" of the new MAC collection, A Tartan Tale. Of course I attended, and I am extremely glad I did. The Yorkdale store was completely packed with crazed women all looking to score a good deal and it was difficult to even get near the table displayed with the new collection. That was until I met an employee who helped me select my winter shade of Studio Fix - Powder Plus Foundation (thank god, my tan is now completely gone and I was looking a little more than orangey) and then spread a clear path for me to the Tartan table! This is where I discovered a fabulous brush set for a great price, and gawked at all the other products I couldn't afford. My last and final purchase at the MAC store was their brush cleanser - which works fantastically. The evening was enjoyable and exciting, complete with spiked lemonade served by handsome fiddlers and the satisfaction of walking away with a few great purchases.

Here are a few pictures of the things I came home with:

 Brush Clenser

 Studio Fix - Powder Plus Foundation in N3

 Brush Set: Sweep Me Off My Feet - Sweep & Define

Awesome bag the brush set came in.

Tartan broach, the free gift for attending.

My quick review of the products:
LOVE the brushes
LOVE the foundation - perfect colour
LOVE the brush cleanser- works very well, my brushes have never been so clean
LOVE the cross-body bag - perfect for holding a compact, cellphone, and some cash

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

charity: noun; generosity, gift

Last Tuesday (October 12th) I attended the Designed 2 Give Charity Fashion Show, held at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. It showcased new collections from young up and coming Toronto designers. One of which I attended high school with! All proceeds from the show were donated to the Relay For Life Foundation in support of cancer research. Before the show guests were able to look around two areas of the museum and shortly after most people had arrived, food and alcoholic refreshments were served. A new drink called the Dandelion was introduced, but I am not sure what was in that, I just stuck to water. Overall it was a great experience; very relaxed, creative designs, great atmosphere, and wonderful company! It was so nice to see an old friend again and to support him in his exciting endeavours!

CJN Spring & Summer 2010

CJN Models and Chris in the middle

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

beginning: noun; start of an event or action

It seems that EVERYONE has a blog these days... so who is jumping on the bandwagon? Me! Typical, I realize, but I am alright with that. This blog will be full of my thoughts on everything fashion related, on my various day-to-day activities, inspirations, and anything else I see fit to include. 
I hope you continue to follow my blog!
And to start it all off, here is a picture of my sweet baby Emma and myself.
Unfortunately, this is not an amazing picture of either of us, but more to come later!