Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Love #4 - Body Products

I have been so obsessed with all of these products this summer!

1. Yardley English Lavender Soap
This soap smells so amazing and feels really wonderful on the skin. I discovered the Yardley Lily of The Valley soap at a small pharmacy that was closing and I loved it, so when I saw it in Lavender I had to have it!

2. J.R. Watkins Lavender Lotion
I had the Lavender Body Butter from J.R. Watkins before, but then I tried the lotion and realized the lotion does the exact same thing, comes with more than twice the amount in the bottle, and costs the same! This stuff is awesome though. I use it on my hands and chest before bed, it is so soothing.

3. Spa Wisdom Africa Body Scrub from The Body Shop
Best scrub ever. It exfoliates really well and is so silky on the skin. Even though it is a little pricy ($28 Canadian), it's totally worth it!

4. Spa Wisdom Africa Body Balm from the Body Shop
This cream has the same scent as the scrub above and is the best body cream I have EVER used. It is really light on your skin, but it moisturizes so well. Such a lovely smell for summer too!

5. Biore Purify Daily Scrub
I recently bought this and I wasn't sure how much I would like it. I tend to switch facial cleansers a lot because I can never find one that I like. I think I will actually stick with this one for more than one bottle! It is creamy and feels soothing on the skin, I love that because usually I find facial scrubs to be a bit harsh for my sensitive skin.

6. Biore Triple Action Astringent
This astringent is really intense! It makes my face feel icy cold and so so clean.

7. Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash/Shampoo/Bubble Bath from Sephora
When I signed up for a Sephora card they gave me this body wash as my "birthday gift" because my birthday had past about a month before. It smells so delicious! I usually use it as body wash, but I have tried it as a shampoo as well (it says on the bottle it can be both and a bubble bath). It worked really nicely as a shampoo too. My hair was silky and felt really clean.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Love #3 - Nail Polish

Nail polishes that are perfect for summer!

1. NARS 

2. MAC 
Coconut Ice

3. Chanel 
Nouvelle Vague 527

4. Essie 
Mango Bango

5. NARS 

6. NARS 
(I can not find the name f this colour anywhere online!)

7. Chanel 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Love #2 - Makeup

My must have summer makeup products!

1. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish
This powder is so light and perfect for summer. It leaves my skin feeling so velvety and looking flawless. It is much lighter that the Studio Fix powder from MAC and way better for summer weather.

2. Urban Decay Complexion Brightening Primer Potion
I wasn't sure if I would like this when I bought it, but I have actually started to love it! It keeps my makeup in place all day and doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my skin.

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
This is my go-to moisturizer. I use it most in the summer when I need something that will do the job without being too thick and oily.

4. Quo Minerals Matter Eye Quad in Mauvecious 
Okay, I haven't bought this one yet... but I am going to this weekend! I have been looking at it every time I go to Shoppers. The colours are so gorgeous and although you can't really see it from the picture, the packaging is not plastic and is very sleek. 

5. Blinc Black Mascara
Because I have allergies, my eyes water a lot in the summer. I love this mascara because it doesn't come off when my eyes water, or when I rub them! I find that when I wear it alone it makes my lashes stick together, but I think that is just the fault of the wand. I usually put on a regular black mascara that has a wand I like, and when it dries I apply the Blinc mascara on top.

6. MAC Mineralize Blush
After I loved the Mineralize Skin Finish, I thought I might as well try the Mineralize blush too! The one I have is a really wonderful colour for my skin and has continued to look nice as I have gotten more tanned over the summer.

7. Covergirl Sensitive Skin Clean Foundation
This is my all time favourite foundation. I have been using it for years and it always delivers. I find that if I am only planning on wearing powder this takes the place of concealer for me, and usually when I do apply it to my whole face, I don't need to ad any other concealer. It's surprising that it can have such great coverage because it really is so light on the skin.

Summer Love #1 - Outfits

Welcome to Summer Love! I am doing 7 posts over 7 days with 7 favourites in each post! Each day will have a different category and will include my favourite summer things :)

Lately I have been spending way too much time on Polyvore creating sets of my dream summer outfits. Here are my 7 favourite ones!

If you aren't on Polyvore definitely go check it out... you will get addicted!