Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canada Blooms

Canada Blooms was in Toronto a few weeks ago and of course I had to go. 
I have to say, this year was disappointing compared to last year. I think because the theme was different, it had less things that interested me... plus I went on the very last day so a lot of the vendors were tired and less than excited to be there. I still had a great time. 

One thing I didn't take a picture of that I really should have was the breakfast crepe I had. AMAZING. I get one every time I am at the International Centre. There is a little crepe stand that is at all the shows and sells way overpriced crepes($8!). They are totally worth it though!!

One of the table settings that I fell in love with:

Something that I am SO glad you can't see in this picture:
One of the first things Elliott and I did when we arrived at the International Centre was grab some ice cream. Obviously I spilled immediately on to my brand new white shirt. This was the first time I had even worn it! A little dot of chocolate ice cream got onto the very centre of one side of my chest.. worst possible spot. In the end it was okay because the stain came out when I washed it, but it was a pain in the butt having to adjust my jacket to cover the mark all day!
shoes: payless, jeans: joe fresh, bag: gap, cardigan: H&M, blazer: value village, top & watch: walmart

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Of A Kind

Lately my mom and I have been doing a lot of things together in preparation for me moving away for school in the fall. We recently went to the One Of A Kind spring show in Toronto. Every year we go to the Christmas one and the spring one. 

Typical art teacher :)

We stopped at Yorkdale on the way home. I scored big time on some bras at Victoria Secret, and picked up some essentials from MAC.
shoes: payless, skirt: old navy, cardigan: ricki's, bag: gap, reusable bag in first two pictures: northern reflections

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saint Jacobs, Ontario

My mom and I recently took a trip to Saint Jacobs, north of Toronto. These are some of the pictures we took while we were away... 

Stopping at an East Side Mario's for lunch on the way up
scarf: winners, cardigan: ricki's, jeans: joe fresh

Our room at the Bed & Breakfast

Visiting a glass working studio

dress: H&M, shoes: payless, bag: gap, cardigan: ricki's, watch & tights: walamart

Dinner at a new restaurant

 Breakfast area in B&B

AMAZING bead store!

 I was in love with everything in this store!! It was organized by colour, which was weird and yet extremely helpful when shopping for others. The bead store was actually organized by colour too.
(bag I am holding was in the store, not mine) 
scarf: suzy shier, bag: gap, boots: pickering town centre, jeans & poncho sweater: walmart

LEGO store in the Outlet Mall. We sat for probably an hour building our lego creations! Mine is on the left: clearly a well-structure tower, my mom's on the right: ...? Haha, she said it was a "creative sculpture"

We had a great time away for the weekend. The only bad part about the trip was that I left a book I just bought in the bakery where we had lunch one day. Gone forever, but someone else will find a good read :)