Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rosie the Riveter: pronoun; a nickname given to any US woman who worked in a factory during World War 2

Finally it is starting to feel a little bit like spring! Today was the first day that it was actually above 0°C (currently it is 2°C). I was so excited that I had to break out my chambray dress from H&M that has been sadly hanging in my closet for months. It was nice because we were having company for dinner, which means I immediately want to dress up but never completely do because everyone else is always wearing jeans, so this was a nice mix of casual and "nice". Elliott (my amazing man who will hopefully be in a Valentine's Day picture with me tomorrow that I can post) said I looked like a factory girl from the 1930's because of the style of dress and the colours I was wearing. I think virtually all women from that era look gorgeous and romantic so I was completely okay with his observation :) 

These pictures are taken in my basement apartment (never move to a basement!) that I have done my best to convert into a living space without painting or moving large bookshelves and a massive tv cabinet that were there when we moved in. Behind me you can see my $14 coat rack from Walmart that has amazingly held the weight of ALL my coats. On the far right there is a little preview of the dress (black and white spotted) I will be wearing tomorrow to Valentine's Day dinner with Elliott. I made it last week and have had it hanging there ever since. I am so excited to finally wear it!!

dress: H&M, cardigan: ricki's, tights: the bay, shoes: spring

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  1. What an adorable outfit! I love your chambray dress, and those heels are fantastic!

    Also, your comment on my video blog made me SO happy! It's always nice to find another Fleet Foxes fan :)