Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Of A Kind

Lately my mom and I have been doing a lot of things together in preparation for me moving away for school in the fall. We recently went to the One Of A Kind spring show in Toronto. Every year we go to the Christmas one and the spring one. 

Typical art teacher :)

We stopped at Yorkdale on the way home. I scored big time on some bras at Victoria Secret, and picked up some essentials from MAC.
shoes: payless, skirt: old navy, cardigan: ricki's, bag: gap, reusable bag in first two pictures: northern reflections


  1. Aww, it looks like you had a fun day! That skirt is adorable :)

  2. Thanks! I nicked it from my mom because she didn't wear it enough. The One of a Kind was amazing, as it always it. I got some really unique things... including a print of a hippo in a bubble bath!